Last Survive - Chicken Dinner Full Apk v1.6

Last Survive - Chicken Dinner is a multiplayer online last man standing survival FPS mobile game for all e-sports and Battle Royale lovers. This high-tension unknown battleground is located in a downtown city building where players must use strategy and tactic to locate weapons and resources while defeat everyone and staying alive anyway possible. Trust nobody and beware of everyone in this game! There are no rules in Last Survive - Chicken Dinner, Just Survive! May the last survivor enjoy the chicken dinner! Game on!

Game: Last Survive - Chicken Dinner
Version: 1.6 
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Last Survive - Chicken Dinner Features:
• Survival Mode: The Last Man Standing
Last Survive - Chicken Dinner is a Battle Royale Game. You can use first-person view in this massively multiplayer PVP action game. You are pitted against players in a Last Survive - Chicken Dinner setting where you have to use your wits and skills to defeat other players. Keep in mind: the Ultimate goal is to be The Last Man Standing!

• Discover and Utilize Weapons and Resources 
Rich Supplies of Weapons and Resources make Last Survive - Chicken Dinner more tactically and challenging. Weapons and Resources can be located in the Orange Section marked on the map; the right weapon could make all the difference in the open world!

• Explore and Exploit Different Battleground 
Last Survive - Chicken Dinner created a more realistic and robust player battleground, Elevators and Stairs can be use to access different floors. Player can strategically exploit different battlegrounds to survive to the every end.

Be The Last Man Standing! Enjoy the Battle Royale adventure!

PLEASE NOTE: Last Survive - Chicken Dinner is free to download and play, Some Game items that can also be purchased for real money. In-app purchases can be disabled through your device’s settings. 

Download Last Survive - Chicken Dinner – Be the Last Man Standing!