Pokemon Tekken Mod Apk v1.4.0 [ Move Speed, Enemy Low Health ]

Game: Pokemon Tekken
Version: 1.4.0 
Root neededNo

Features Mod:
1. Move Speed x5
2. Enemy Low Health

How to install Mod:
Step 1: download apk mod
Step 2: install apk mod
Step 3: open game & enjoy

👉 Apk Mod: https://goo.gl/xPokemon 

Strive for high goals in Ferrum League mode!
In the Ferrum League mode of Pokémon Tekken you take the lead role and try to get to the top of the Ferrum League. As you win one victory at a time in the Ferrum League, the number of available helper Pokémon and selectable Battlegrounds increases.

The fight returns to Ferrum!

The scene of Pokémon Tekken is the Ferrum region, an island in the ocean. Due to the effects of mysterious stones, the so-called resonance stones, the people and Pokémon in the world of the Ferrum region are closely connected.

Get ready for Shadow Mewtwo!
The mysterious Pokémon Shadow Mewtwo appears before your eyes when you beat yourself victoriously through the Ferrum League. This Pokémon will impress players with its overwhelming power!

Meet Shadow Mewtu after the Ferrum League to discover the secrets of this incredible Pokémon!